Why use 100% recycled fabric?


The Origin

Cotton cutting waste is the main material used in the fabric of our products. Cotton is the most used textile fiber in the world, yet every year about 15% goes unused. By using recycled cotton, we can save water, emit less CO2, and keep cotton cutting waste out of the landfill, while remaining more environmentally friendly than organic cotton.

The Process

Cotton cutting scraps are first collected and sorted by color. They are mechanically opened into fibers and mixed with recycled polyester fibers. These fibers are spun into yarn and then knitted or woven into fabric. The fabric may go through various finishing processes, and then is finally cut and sewn into the finished product.


Our mission

We choose to use responsibly made 100% recycled apparel as a way to bring sustainable products to an industry that is damaging to people and the planet. We hope to inspire others to create positive changes in their lives and the environment.

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100% recycled material

The fabric is made from recycled cotton cutting scraps and recycled plastic bottles. The drawstrings are made from excess knitting machine yarns to reduce waste.

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Less water and CO2

Our Original Hoodie uses 99% less water and 50% fewer CO2 emissions compared to an equivalent product made from virgin materials.

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8700L of water saved

Compared to conventional cotton, our hoodie saves 8700L of water and contains no added dye.